Sunday, July 10, 2011

Worship Song Sunday -- We Welcome You, by CeCe Winans--(Live)

Several years ago, a dear, sweet woman whom I was blessed to call my friend, sister-in-Christ, prayer partner and spiritual mentor, lay in a hospital bed, waiting for her Lord to bring her home after a very long and valiant battle with cancer. As I entered her room, the first thing I heard were the noises from the various machines that she was hooked up to. But as I drew closer to my friend's bed, I could hear something else. It was coming from the CD player next to her, and it was this song, We Welcome You, by CeCe Winans.  Standing there, the other noises in the room seemed to disappear, and all I could hear was the music.  I had this overwhelming desire to take off my shoes right there in my friend's hospital room, because it suddenly felt as if I was standing on holy ground, in the presence of the Lord.

Today, may this song do the same for you, gently leading you into His holy, loving presence. Feel free to take off your shoes.

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