Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jesus Calling Devotional

From the moment I opened my eyes yesterday morning, it was nothing but chaos. I stayed up WAY too late the night before, working on a project.  I woke up late and failed to have my time alone with the Lord.  There was a lot on my plate, and people just seemed to keep heaping more and more onto it.  I was pretty much running around like the proverbial chicken without a head.  Among other things, I was trying to coordinate rides to a Mercy Me concert that a group of friends and I were going to attend later in the evening, as well as trying to find a ride for my son, who had a friend's party to attend the same time as the concert, but 30 miles away in the opposite direction.  There was a panic attack just waiting in the wings for me, and I found myself being snippy with everyone.  I'd considered sticking my head in the oven, but thankfully, my son was using it to bake something at the time.

Later in the afternoon, while talking with one of my friends who was coming to the concert, she thanked me for telling her about a devotional book by Sarah Young, "Jesus Calling," and that she had gone out and bought it recently.  She told me a particular entry had been so pertinent for her that morning and asked me if I had read it. I sheepishly admitted I hadn't, and confessed that I had totally blown off my time with the Lord in the past few days. My friend very kindly told me to 'Breathe, Pam," and proceeded to read the devotional to me over the phone.  Once we got off the phone, I decided to grab my own copy of "Jesus Calling" and read it over again myself.  Because after the morning I'd had, it was certainly right-on-the-money for me as well, and I needed its message to infuse me.  

Yes, I believe I could have saved myself lots of anxiety and frustration had I taken the time to sit and be still before the Lord in the morning. I would have heard Jesus calling and saying this to me:

"Rest in Me, My child.  Give you mind a break from planning and trying to anticipate what will happen.  Pray continually, asking My Spirit to take charge of the details of this day. Remember that you are on a journey with Me.  When you try to peer into the future and plan for every possibility, you ignore your constant Companion,  Who sustains you moment by moment.  As you gaze anxiously into the distance, you don't even feel the strong grip of My hand holding yours.  How foolish you are, My child!

Remembrance of Me is a daily discipline.  Never lose sight of My Presence with you.  This will keep you resting in Me all day, every day."   (Scripture references: 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Psalm 62:5

Thank You, Jesus.  I can breathe now.

I've held my breath for all my life
But I am breaking free tonight
And I'm coming up to breathe ~ Mercy Me

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