Saturday, June 18, 2011

'Child Rest In Me'

Well, it's Saturday, and for many of us out there, it's the end of a long work week and for some, the end of a whirlwind school year.   I'm still exhausted from my crazy week, even after a long nap yesterday and a good night's sleep.  Weekends tend to be extremely busy times for me and this weekend proves to be no different, with cleaning, lots of errands and graduation parties looming on the horizon. In two separate posts from last week and yesterday, I spoke of finding rest in weariness, and included an excerpt from the devotional book, "Jesus Calling" about doing just that.

I'm all too aware of how easy it is to get all caught up in the busyness of the day. More and more things to do and events to attend get added to an already overly piled high plate. Throw in some worry and anxiety over various difficulties I'm having or over what I've failed to accomplish on my list and before I know it, it's the end of the day and I find myself completely stressed and drained. Worst of all, I realize I've continually pushed Jesus far to the side the whole time.  Did I notice Him patiently waiting for me?  Did I even speak to Him at all, except maybe for a brief time in the morning (and then, usually to quickly hand over the list I created for Him, asking for this, that or the other)?  Did I invite Him to come along with me on my many excursions?   Did I take time to stop and thank Him for anything, or to ask for His direction and guidance or to just be still and listen to His side of the conversation as I went about with my plans and errands? Sadly, too often my answer to these questions is a big, fat "No."

I came across an online poem by someone named Becky LaPrarie that touched my heart, one that I'd like to share with you all here. It's a very simplistic yet beautiful reminder to me and to you that Jesus longs for us to stop all of our striving and busyness, and take some time to relax....with Him!

May today be the start of something new for each of us....remembering to stop along the way to take a breath or two (or twenty) and find our rest in Jesus:


Child, I watch you as you wrestle with life’s
Ups and downs
Come unto Me and we can talk about them
As I rid you of all of your frowns

Put your burdens at the foot of the cross
And leave them there
For I am here to comfort you and to show
You how much for you that I care

I know things get rough but let Me say
I will help you always so
Just call on Me night or day

Nothing is going to happen that I can’t handle
You must by faith hold on
Until the last breath from your body is gone

I won’t forsake you nor leave you alone
I don’t expect you to make it on your own

Lay down in peace, dear one
For I will be here
When you awake
Your burdens and sins then from you will I take

When the storms rage outside
of your window be ye not afraid
For storms are also creations I have made

I will guard you and keep you from all harm
I will guide you and make everything alright
For I will forever keep you in my sight
©Copyright 2005 Becky LaPrarie

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