Saturday, July 30, 2011

Worship Song Sunday -- Shelter, by Sean Dayton

I do believe that the Lord led me to this song. Before today, I'd never heard of the song nor the artist, but as I listened to it, I was moved by the beautiful simplicity and comforting truth of the lyrics.

I was supposed to have been relaxing and enjoying my kids and their friends this past week while on vacation at the beach, but it seemed the enemy had other plans in mind. And that's a post for another day. So suffice it to say that after the week I just had, this song was like a soothing balm on a painful wound to me and the cry of my heart to Jesus.

I recently read that true worship not only recognizes the worthiness of God, but rejoices in it. I hope that this song will allow you to do just that.

Shelter, by Sean Dayton
Here I am again searching for a place
Where Your grace can show me rest
Will You lead me there with Your tenderness
With Your promise to protect
When I fall You lift me up
When I'm lost You are the way
You are my Shelter when strength is gone
You are my Refuge when pain holds on
And my soul finds rest..... in You Oh God

Here I am again leaning on Your strength
Leaning on Your faithfulness
You keep me sheltered here in Your warm embrace
A place to rest my head again
My fortress, my hiding place, my soul finds rest in You Oh God

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