Sunday, August 7, 2011

Worship Song Sunday - You Are My Refuge, by Maranatha! Praise Band (Lyrics)

For some weeks now, I've found myself turning daily to the Book of Psalms.  For me, it's a book rich with raw, honest, intense emotion and healing.  I've noticed in my reading the various psalmists' references to our LORD as a refuge. The dictionary's definition of refuge is 'a place of shelter or protection from danger, trouble or storms; a place of escape or relief; a sanctuary; a hiding place; a stronghold.'   Our LORD Jesus Christ longs to be and IS all of these things to us, if we would only turn and run to Him for rest and safety.

Today, cease all your striving.  May the words and music and pictures in this video bring you to a place of worship to the LORD Jesus, and allow you to find peace, rest, relief and refuge in Him.

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