Saturday, August 9, 2014

She's So Unusual -- or What It Looks Like When A Little Old Woman Chooses To Say 'I Want God'

'We talk too much and pray too little. We worry too much and pray too little.’

I have to say that I TOTALLY agree with her statement. Not because I’m part of Lisa’s book launch team and have an advanced copy of ‘I Want God’ in my hot little hands to read and review -- and possibly to give away later -- and therefore, feel as though I HAVE to agree.

No. I agree because I’ve lived this in the past. And, truth be told (sad truth that it is), Lisa's words resonate with me all too well because I’m living this right now, in the present.


Because talking too much and worrying too much is a pathetic and exhausting way to live. For a follower of Christ.  For anyone.

I took this photo of a tiny old woman who lives somewhere in my neighborhood. She’s as frail looking as a dragonfly’s wing. Her face is a mosaic of wrinkles. She walks so agonizingly slow, if she were in a race with a snail, I believe the snail would win. No contest.

And yet – EVERY DAY, this little babushka lady makes her slow and steady way to the church across from my house and stands at the gate for a good 20 minutes – and prays.

This is her time, and her sacred spot, where she meets and speaks with God on a daily basis. On hot days and cold days. On sunny days and cloudy days. She takes no notice of those who look at her as they pass by, some pointing and giggling. Some shake their heads at her, muttering sarcastic remarks.  Some actually just stop for a moment or two to stare at her, as if she were an oddity.

But really, in this day and age, in our society and through the eyes of the world – that’s exactly what she is. 

An oddity


Old fashioned, even 

A woman who sets aside time EVERY DAY to bring her burdens to the Lord and unload them at His feet. 

A woman who doesn’t talk too much or worry too much, who doesn’t pray too little.

Some may argue that we can pray to God anywhere. We don’t have to stand in front of a church, or even inside of a church.

And yes -- I know that’s true. You and I can talk to God in the car on our way to work, to school, to the grocery store; while we’re doing laundry, jogging, walking the dog; as we soak in the tub, splash in our in-ground pool, sit at a table at Starbucks and sip our coffee, etc.


Why are so many of us wasting too much time talking and texting and worrying and woe-is-me-ing? Why are so many of us playing and platforming and pouting and posting online too much? 

And praying too little?

This little old woman could do her aging, broken and no doubt hurting body a HUGE favor by staying home and praying from the confines and comfort of her living room easy chair or from her bed.

But I love the fact that she doesn’t. 

I love the fact that she wants God enough to, every day, choose to grab her cane, step out of the comfort of her home, and hobble her way down to her outdoor meeting place, where she stands on holy ground to have some Face Time with God, caring not who sees her, or what they think of or say about her.

I want to want God like that.

I want to stop talking too much and worrying too much and praying too little.

I want to be looked upon as an oddity. Old fashioned. Unusual.

Because I want God.

How about you?

(If you are tired of wanting things that are useless, don't make sense and don't last; if you want your life to be changed; if you're wondering what all this #IWantGod stuff is all about, go on over to Lisa Whittle's website or visit and follow her author's page on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Love this! I quoted you and provided a link to this on Facebook. Thank you for the beautiful reminder of our walk with the Lord and how it should look!

    1. Wanda,

      Thank you so much! I'm completely overwhelmed that you were moved by this story enough to share it. So grateful for that...and for you.

  2. Oh Pam.....bless that little lady and bless you. This is truth. I was thinking about my chronic worry the other day and the Holy Spirit convicted me and whispered that worry is really a form of blasphemy. It's like we don't really believe that He's in control. But He keeps saying "I got this, I really do"

  3. Thank you for this visual of faithfulness and prayer. So true that she could take the "easy way out" and pray from the comfort of her home, or room, or even bed. But she chooses to sacrifice...of her time, of her get that face time and the blessing that undoubtedly comes with it. Awesome post.


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