Sunday, June 17, 2012

Worship Song Sunday -- All For You, by Mikeschair

I'd planned on posting here early this morning, but circumstances beyond my control hindered me from doing so.   As often happens (more than I care to admit), I had way too much going on before I ran out the door for church to be in a worshipful, let alone focused, state of mind, and I was trying hard to avoid being late (again), so I could at least be worshipful and focused when I walked sprinted into church. 

I had a completely different song all set to go here, too. Not that it wasn't a good one -- it is. Yet obviously, it's meant for another time. I woke up with today's song firmly implanted in my head.  And now I know why.   

Once I got to church, the unexpected happened. Without going into loads of details, we had a medical incident happen midway through the first service, involving one of our older saints, who is my neighbor and who catches a ride with us to church almost every Sunday.  It was, to say the least, disconcerting and a bit scary, but I was amazed at how many people stepped up to the plate immediately to assist and how lovingly, how tenderly and how well it was done.  Our young pastor handled it all with such calm, compassion, grace, mercy and love, calling everyone who was not assisting to just lift up their hands and cry out loud to the LORD on this person's behalf and encouraging all to worship and praise Him in the midst of the goings on.  Which they promptly did.  I've not seen anything like it, really.

I am thankful and grateful that nothing -- NOTHING -- takes our Father God by surprise.  He made sure that particular people with professional medical backgrounds were at church today, at this particular service time, and that they were easily and quickly accessible before the paramedics arrived to take over.  He surrounded this person with church members who had loving hearts, cool heads, a good understanding of and compassion for the elderly and strong arms to help and comfort.

It's several hours later and while I'm still a bit shaky from it all, mostly I'm in awe, once again, over how awesome and amazing God truly is, and just how worthy He is of our praise and worship. 

Some of the lyrics to this song are as follows:

'I stand amazed at Who You are,
I'm overcome by what You've done.'

'I'm here right now, I need You now
I lift Your Name above the doubt,
This is my offering for You.'

'I leave my burden at Your feet
In You I find my victory,
There is nothing You can't do.'

No, there certainly is NOTHING God can't do. 

Two things I would like to ask of all of you reading this post.  First, even though most or all of you may not know this elder saint (unless you're from my church and were at this particular service today), would you please take a moment to lift her up in prayer?  I'm still unsuccessful at getting in touch with any of her immediate family to let them know what transpired today and where she is.  Thankfully, some members of our church family went to the hospital  and are still there with her. 

And second, won't you join me in giving all worship and praise to our God? For it truly is ALL for Him.

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