Saturday, April 13, 2013

Away To A Quiet Place

'Then Jesus said, "Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." ~ Matthew 11:28

The past several weeks have been extremely stressful, caused by various situations and encounters with some difficult people in my life.  Yesterday was the clincher, a day that just about drove me over the edge.  A good majority of the time, I felt as if I had a huge weight bearing down on my chest, making it hard for me to breathe. And I spent most of the afternoon and evening battling to keep several panic attacks at bay.

I woke up this morning, with remnants of stress still hanging on.  I felt like a bee trapped inside of a jar and my time alone with the Lord was ruined by the distractions running through my head, like words on those scrolling TV news tickers.

Afterwards, as I prepared to take one of my children to their early morning job, I felt a whisper in my soul:

"Come away with Me to a quiet place."

"Well, alrighty then, Lord. And where might that be?" I wondered.  And as I ran out the door, I grabbed my camera, just in case I got some clearer directions along the way and found the need to document my time wherever I wound up.

Which, of course, I did.

At 6 AM, I found myself at the marina of a nearby park, where a certain bloggy friend of mine, Toni, from over at Lakeside Lessons, often spends some quality time with Jesus.  It was cold, a bit windy and the sun was just beginning to make a glorious appearance.  It was also peaceful, save for the excited cries and chatter between some feathered friends and the sound of the water lapping up on the shoreline.

In the gospel which bears his name, Mark paints a picture of Jesus' disciples returning from a mission to which He sent them.  There is no mention of how long they were away, but as tired as they must be from the journey, they ARE very excited about all they did and everything they've witnessed.  As they're in the midst of sharing with Jesus their stories of preaching, healing and driving out demons, we are told that there are many people coming and going all around them. So much so that they weren't even able to eat a meal. 

That's when Jesus issues this invitation to His weary and hungry friends:

"Come away with Me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for awhile." (Mark 6:31)

Jesus takes them away by boat to a lonely place. Just Him and them.  A place of rest and peace. Because that's what they needed.

And that is where Jesus invited me today. To a place of rest and peace. Just Him and me. Because He knew that's what I needed.

Won't you join me?

Tenth Avenue North -- Worn


  1. The pictures were amazing. I got a peaceful feeling just looking at them. Thank you for reminding me what is what is really important in life and God's beautiful canvas.

  2. Anytime, my dear. This was truly a gift from God for me today.

    And thank YOU for the comment and the compliment. <3

  3. Lovely pictures!! It also serves as a reminder to me that I need to slow down.

    1. Thanks, Deanna. That whole 'take time to stop and smell the roses' phrase really IS true. In our often hectic lifestyle, we can easily miss all the beauty of God's creation.

  4. I really feel the Lord used this blog to minister to me today. I was feeling almost exactly the way you described, and in looking at those pictures, felt a calming sensation begin to settle in my soul. I feel like not only did you capture the beauty of his creation in those pictures, but the prince of peace himself. Thank you for being obedient to his will, and may the peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind.

    1. Oh Rob. Thanks for weighing in here. Your comment means so very much to me. And I'm glad that the beauty of God's creation that my camera was able to capture helped to bring you some peace, too.

  5. Pam, beautiful words and pics. He does bring His rest through such beauty.

  6. What a beautiful setting and a perfect way to begin your day...I feel blessed and rested just looking at those pictures...what a glorious place to spend time alone with the Lord in the morning. Thank you for sharing. I pray that God will continue to bless you with His peace throughout the week. Amazing what a little time alone with the Lord can do for a worn out soul.

  7. It IS a beautiful setting, isn't it, Pam? Sometimes I forget just how many wonderful parks and places of beauty we have here in my area. Some are so tiny, they aren't even promoted. I've just had the joy of kind of stumbling upon them.

    Thanks, Pam!

  8. I'm sorry my early morning walk wasn't earlier, but it would seem God wanted you all to Himself Saturday morning. Still, I was able to spend several hours the past 2 days there - like being home again and after far too long. Walking the trails I asked Jesus to speak to me, I so needed to hear his voice in that place. Do you know after spending years visiting the lake...after seeing hundreds of sunsets and taking pictures of dozens of them - I have never seen a sunrise there? After seeing your pictures, that most surely will change! Do you know what type of bird that is in the closeup? where did you snap that? Gorgeous! And of course I recognized the noble silhouette of the heron gracefully skimming the those birds! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures - I have a few I too need to post :)

  9. It's amazing at how blessed we are to have such a beautiful place so close to us. This visit on Saturday was a totally spontaneous, Jesus-TOOK-the-wheel moment, after dropping off Tom at CF.

    The bird in the close up? It's a sparrow. As in 'His eye is on the sparrow.' God humor. I love it. Mr. or Ms. Sparrow flew right down next to me as I was leaning on the railing, looking out at the lake through my camera lens. He/she made tremendous noise to get my attention and, as you can see, hammed it up with a nice pose for the camera.

    Thanks for the comment, PSF. :)

  10. Pam....these photos are breathtaking. Hope you are still enjoying that quiet place, I have been searching for one of those myself. Thinking of you. Lori


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