Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Different Sort of Sunday - God Is Able, by Smokie Norful

Our God is able.

Do you believe that?  

Then say it with me -- 

"Our God is able."

Yes, oh YES He is!! 

Typically here on Sundays, I post a worship/praise song or a hymn.  But today is a different sort of Sunday for me. Last night I decided to choose a different song; this song, which by most people's standards may not technically be considered a worship and praise song.  I chose it after listening to it earlier in the day while some friends and I sat alongside of a precious sister of ours, who once again, has been asked to make the dark, frightening and arduous journey through cancer.  

This brave woman of God is a single mom with three children.

And Mom-Mom to one beautiful grand baby.  

Chemo no longer works for her.
Radiation is NOT an option.
She cannot go back to work.
She can barely breathe, let alone speak.
She is in intolerable pain.
Her doctor has not called her back yet with any promises of hope and healing.

A hopeless sounding situation to most.  

But my sweet friend and sister-in-Christ KNOWS that

Our God is able.

Yes, oh YES she knows this!!

Able to heal.  Able to strengthen.  Able to comfort. Able to deliver. Able to redeem. Able to transform.  Able to raise the dead to life.  Able to make a way when there seems to be NO WAY. 

Able to do IMPOSSIBLE things. 

She knows God won't fail her.  She knows God won't leave her or forsake her.  She knows God loves her.

With her voice barely able to make it above a choked whisper, this woman -- after several of us had prayed for her -- prayed aloud to Abba.  She questioned Him as to why she has been asked to walk this road again.  Yet -- YET -- she also praised Him and thanked Him for all He has done for her and for her family: His provision, His protection, His healing, His blessings, His mercy, His grace, His love.  She asked Him to strengthen her faith. 

I see her faith as already being incredibly strong.  To be able to thank, praise and worship God in the midst of such a terrific, overwhelming storm.  Well.  I can only hope and pray that should my time come to face a similar challenge, my faith in Jesus will hold steady, unwavering. 

I dedicate this song to my beautiful, brave friend and to the myriad of people, many of whom I am honored to have in my life, who are in a battle of mammoth proportions -- be it physical, relational, spiritual, mental or emotional.  The road may be rocky.  The way may be lonely and scary. The journey may be long and painful. The suffering may be unbearable. Visibility may poor to non-existent.  And faith may seem barely the size of a mustard seed. 

But we serve and love and are held by and loved by and worship






And He won't fail...............

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  1. What a beautifully-written post. Thank you for sharing this prayer request for a fellow sister in Christ. May God bless her, bless you and all those praying for her as she begins this exhausting journey and attack on her body and her life.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and choosing to follow me - I'm happy to follow you back :)
    Please don't take this as a "sales pitch," but I would love for your friend to have a copy of my book. I have a few copies left over from a recent book signing, and I'd be happy to sign and send her one. It's called "Walking in Son-Light," a Small Collection of Thoughts to Encourage and Inspire. It's a collection of about 40 blog posts, a quick read and created in large print.
    You can contact me at if you'd like me to do that :)
    God bless you as you continue to encourage others :)
    Many blessings,


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