Sunday, January 22, 2012

Worship Song Sunday -- God Almighty, by Chris Tomlin

Today is a new day.  It is a day that God planned for you and I, long before we knew Him and long before we were even born.

Look in the mirror this morning.  You are alive and beautiful, a child of the King.  You are His.

Look out your window and rejoice in the landscape that He has created, whether it is dry, wet or snow covered; whether it is sunny or grey; day time or evening. He created it for you.

Stand outside and breathe in the air, whether warm or cold.  Listen to the sounds or just enjoy the peaceful silence.  He is speaking to you in all of that.

Today, let's thank Him and praise Him and worship HIM and Him alone, not just for all He's done for us, but for Who He is. 

Jehovah Jireh
Jehovah Nissi
Jehovah Shalom
El Roi
The Holy One

El Shaddai -- God Almighty

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