Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's my honor today to share a blog post with you all, dear good and faithful bloggy friends and readers, from over at A Martha Heart, one of the wonderful blogs that I follow. 

Entitled Lungs and beautifully written by blog author Holly Smith, we are not only reminded of how much God loves us and how very near to each one of us He truly is (as close as our breath!), but we are presented with two very important prayer needs as well.  Both prayer requests involve the lungs.

Just Breathe, by Melanie Weidner, 2005
I would like to invite you to please join together in prayer with Holly and myself for these precious friends of Holly's who need our Father's healing touch and intervention in their lives. And yes -- I encourage you to please share these needs with those mighty prayer warriors and partners within your sphere of influence.

And to Holly -- thank you so much for allowing me to share these serious prayer needs and your blog post today! 

Breathing in…breathing out. Life source. Holy Spirit come and breathe on us this day.
I’m heading out in an hour for our church’s women’s retreat, taking dear friends and teaching crafts. I am looking for God to breathe upon us all, as we discuss LEGACY.

Before I go, though, I have heard many different and huge prayer needs this morning. I will share two with you about lungs.

One–a dear friend and brother in Christ has been longing for God to bless his mother with a lung transplant. She has been hard to match, BUT TODAY they have one. They are looking to go in at 2pm. Please pray for this dear Mama…for my brother in Christ and his family.

Two–a dear daughter in the faith to us has gotten devastating news. Her baby that she is carrying is not developing lungs. They went in to find out the sex of the baby and came out with this news–not viable. Will you pray that God will do a miracle here? I LOVE this sister in Christ and her husband so much. Please pray that God will cause those lungs to just appear.

Please pray and PLEASE share this post with your praying friends.

Thank you friends. God is on His Throne. He is also a breath away–our very near God WITH us…not far away. NEAR.

He is NEAR. And He HEARS. He thinks of us constantly and loves us lavishly. Circumstances do not dictate either TRUTH–they neither prove nor disprove He is near and He loves us so very much. He loves us. Oh, how He loves us!

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