Thursday, November 17, 2011

In His Hands

It is an honor and a privilege for me to introduce you to Rob Joseph, an amazingly creative and talented young man. I’m friends with his mom, Pat, a wonderful woman who at one time, headed up our women’s ministry at church (they‘ve since moved away to the Carolinas).

Anyway, I’m also facebook friends with Pat, and today she posted a breathtaking illustration of Rob’s on her facebook page, along with a link to his blog. I learned that one of Rob’s sisters had requested that he paint a picture of God.  He said his first thought was “ who am I to attempt such an amazing feat?  How will I even know what to paint as nobody knows what God looks like?”  Rob goes on to say that the answer came to him later -- that he was a ‘gifted visionary’ who should actually be honoring God with the talent that He bestowed on him.

Below is ‘In His Hands,’ and Rob’s thought process in the creation of that piece.

Ok here is the finished painted version. Of course I let my imagination run away a little with this piece, but I received most of my reference for this piece and God's look from two passages in the Bible. Ezekiel 1: 25-28 and Revelation 4. I'm sure there are more in there, I'm just not sure where they are. Everything about this image says something about God's character though. from the subtlety of his wings, to the absolute power shown in the lower regions of the painting. The Crown symbolizing royalty, his face meaning the way he sees everything in pure light and with a burning love. His white sash that represents purity and that he can do no wrong. The angels praising Him in their own way symbolizing simply that he is worthy to be praised. His skin being a Solid Rock...and finally the way he holds the earth safely in his hands...symbolizing the protection he gives us. Put all of these together and you basically witness the two sides of God. Powerful and fearsome, but Loving and Gentle. Hope you enjoy.
 I just LOVE this beautiful piece of art. Powerful and fearsome. Loving and gentle. That’s our God!

For a larger, more detailed rendition of this illustration, please check out Rob Joseph’s blog at:

Also, here is a link to Rob’s online store, in case you or someone you know would like to purchase any of the sketches and illustrations of this gifted young artist.


  1. Pam , so neat! I checked out Rob's sight. Having been a competitive bodybuilder I got a bit of a giggle (not in a bad, negative or offensive way!!!) that I noticed God has a bodybuilder's physique. Anyway a truly talented artist! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dawn,

    I was happy to do so. I had more interactions with Rob's mom and sisters. I remember Rob as being a very quiet and gentle soul, much like his dad. I had NO IDEA there was all this talent bubbling up inside of him. But then I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. God blessed each of the Joseph family with a special gift. I sure miss them!

    Thanks for commenting and checking out Rob's site, my dear.

    And hey...why SHOULDN'T God have a bodybuilder's physique? :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog Pam. I just showed the picture to friends and fam at thanksgiving and it was a HUGE hit! At first the I was praised for the painting...but by the end God had received all the glory as the painting was explained...which is exactly how it should be. Thanks again Pam.

  4. Rob, you know I was more than happy and honored to share your picture and your site here.

    It was wild -- within MINUTES of posting it, I got 22 views, moreso than any other blog post I've done. I know this is going to make me sound like a dork, but I was cheering as the number climbed higher and higher!

    I'm glad so glad that everyone in your life who matters so much to you was moved by your painting and gave glory to God for it. He has given you a wonderful gift, Rob!


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