Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'It's Mysterious And Wonderful' - Sharing A Blog Post from 'Created For Blessing!"

As we enter into the beautiful season of Advent, once again, I've been led to share something that Curt Leininger, my friend and pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church up in Wyckoff, NJ, posted yesterday on his blog, Created For Blessing (

His post is entitled, 'It's Mysterious and Wonderful.'  Whether it's a long, deep and detailed post, or like this one, short, sweet and simplistic, Curt ALWAYS has something powerful and so good to say about the amazing love of our Lord.  And as he told me, good things are meant to be shared.  So I'm delighted to share this with all of you (thanks a million, Curt)!!

A video, called 'The Christmas Story' goes along with this post.  I hope the children's joyful and endearing innocence and enthusiasm as they act out the story of the birth of our Savior will make you smile and touch your heart, as it did to me.  Enjoy!
'It's Mysterious and Wonderful.'

It’s mysterious. It raises a lot of questions. It incites wonder. But, the gentle and loving approach of God stepping into our world as a human being is changing my life, and I hope it continues to change your own life. Smile, laugh, cry, and allow this Advent to be a time of anticipation and joy. This is good news for all people. And, so is the gift of your own life as you follow Jesus into the mystery, questions, and wonder.


  1. Well, if this just doesn't make everybody's day - I am laughing, with tears and satisfaction! God is good and are children a joy to bring it all home for us! SO sweet. Thanks Curt, Thanks Pam and Thanks To the One who made the video possible - that little Manger Baby, Child King and Lord Victorious Jesus- name above all names! I feel like singing and dancing! Sharing with everyone!

  2. And you, dear Dawn, just made my day.

    Sing, dance and spread the joy, girl!!! :)


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