Sunday, February 5, 2012

Worship Song Sunday -- Take My Life (I Am Yours), by Michael Neale

Worshiping God is a lifestyle, more so than it is an act we perform on Sunday mornings at church.  

Talia Haughn, the bass player from one of my favorite bands, Seventh Day Slumber, posted this on her facebook page the other day, and it resonated deeply with me:

"Today, I want to encourage you to see yourself as God sees you -- blemish free, forgiven & beautiful.  I challenge you to worship Him in everything you do today...from brushing your teeth, to going for a run to cleaning the kitchen....because worship really is a lifestyle. And when we treat it as one, there's no way we can miss God's direction, love and grace in our lives."


As this song states, we are God's; our lives are consecrated, set apart for Him.  Let's take on Talia's worship challenge today...and every day...give Him your life. Give Him your worship.  Living for our Lord -- however that might look for us --  is what we have been chosen and set apart to do.


  1. what a perspective...just think if we could LIVE our days with the knowledge of the fact that God loves us soo much... I wonder how different our days would be!


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