Monday, July 1, 2013

Journey Into Unknown Territory

Anyone who has known me for any length of time -- in 'real life' or virtual life -- knows that when it comes to electronic devices/gadgets, as well as computer programs and software, I'm about as low tech as one can be. I love 'em, I enjoy 'em....but to be honest, I'm easily confused by the majority of 'em.

Case in point --just a little over two weeks ago, I was railroaded into buying made the decision to purchase my very own, very first FOR REAL smartphone. I remember staring at it after prying it out of the package, wondering what in the world I had gone and done.  Thankfully, I have a 20 year old and a 16 year old here at home who have been beyond helpful, showing me what to do, where to find certain apps, etc.  But I'm still trying to figure it all out, especially when they aren't around.  

So I knew I was in for a mega headache and a major nervous breakdown when I decided to create a slideshow of photos for a friend who had asked me if I would be kind enough to take pictures of his church's final Spanish mass (the church closed today due to financial difficulties) and the procession afterwards, bearing a huge portrait of their beloved Lady of Guadalupe, which would be housed in another neighboring church. 

Now, my friend didn't ask for the slideshow.  And I had fully intended to just burn them to a CD to give to him and to one of his church's secretaries, who was delighted to learn that someone was capturing this on film. 

But for some reason today -- perhaps it was my breathing in the fumes from the sausages I was cooking in beer on the stove nearby -- I got it into my little wooden head that it MIGHT just be pretty cool to make the 70 plus photos into a slideshow!!

Never having done anything like this, I was a bit confused about how and where to start. This was most definitely a journey into unknown territory. Then, I remembered another friend of mine who posts slideshows of her family from time to time, using something called Smilebox.  So I texted her (yes, folks, I have officially entered into the millenium and can actually TEXT now, just like all the cool kids!!) with some questions. She responded, telling me it was easy to learn and that she loved it. So I decided to download the program and give it a shot. 

Now, I'm a bottom line kind of a gal.  Meaning, I hate having to read through all kinds of instructions and guidelines and whatnot.  Mostly because, low tech geek girl that I am, I usually cannot comprehend all the techy language that goes along with all things electronic (hence my relying on my kids to show me how to use my new phone). But this program seemed fairly simple as my other friend had stated (and oh, joy of joys, it's FREE!).

So.....below is the result of my visit to the Land of Smilebox.  There are 75 photos (feel free to bail out at any time), set to music, beginning at Divine Mercy Parish's Saint Stanislaus' church and ending at Holy Cross Church, also a part of the Divine Mercy Parish.  They are old and beautiful local Catholic churches, rich in history, both established in the 1890's in the Trenton, NJ area.  

I hope you enjoy and are blessed by them!

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  1. First off- I am cooking sausage today should I buy beer? I never heard that. Tell me! I want to surprise hub with sausage, onion and peppers. Next, whoohoo- you got a SMartphone. I call mine the stupid phone! lol. I need a new one- but they are fun. So proud of you- you are a real savvy tech chick in the making. AND I love Smilebox...look at you go! Ok, love you and make sure you get a case for the phone. I drop mine often and but for the case...well you know it would be keeeeeeeeek (finger motion across neck).HUGS!


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